Overcoming the Fear of Cooking

This post may not apply to everyone but I am pretty sure I am not the only one who is intimidated by the kitchen and cooking.

It has taken me years to get to the place I am today. Where I can walk in my kitchen and not be overwhelmed and insecure. I felt completely out-of-place in there.

Out of my element.

You may wonder where I did feel in my element. That would be anywhere but the kitchen.

Give me a car and I can wrestle a set of brake pads and rotors on it; A wall and I can paint a mural on it. Give me a bolt of fabric and a decent Halloween costume emerges; a dozen or more actors and I can transform them into motley crew of zombies.

Give me a kitchen…

I become paralyzed; floundering and squirming. Then I would walk right back out and do a load of laundry or make my bed, anything but cook.

Why the fear some would ask? Cooking is a form of creativity too.

I know. I know.

It’s just that I could not wrap my mind around the basics of cooking. What seasoning went well with what. How do people just whip something together and not use a recipe? How do they easily substitute when they need to? Where do I even begin?

There answer? Time. It takes time. And not the if I just ignore it, it will go away kind of time.

  • You need to make your self go in the kitchen.
  • Let yourself become familiar with things. (Like handling a knife or becoming acquainted with your colander) 🙂
  • Master a few good recipes till you can do them without a recipe book sitting in front of you.
  • Keep them simple. What simple and easy recipes looked like for me: Shepherd’s Pie, Stir fry and rice, Baked Chicken, Adobo Seasoned Pork Chops. That may not be your kind of simple but you get my point.
  • Stick to cooking only one thing a day (or even every other day) until you feel confident enough to cook more than that.

I am fortunate. My husband is a garbage disposal. If I didn’t like what I made, I knew he would eat it, sparing me the guilt of waste.

Like I said earlier. Not everyone struggles in the kitchen but I am sure there are other areas that intimidate you. What are they? Leave a comment and let me know.

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