Schedule of Not? How do you keep the house clean?

When I first got my own place I had no concept of how to keep it clean, and to be completely honest… I had no desire to. Clutter did not bother me, or so I thought. Dishes, laundry, sweeping and bed making were a complete waste of time. I mean come on, you had to do them again and again and again. Ugh!

I like things that you do once and they are done. Like paint a picture or make a scrapbook page.

Reading a good book or taking a great nap were more my thing. What could be better than cuddling up on a comfy chair with an Austen novel and a good cup of tea? Bonus if it is raining too! (oh but wait, the tea-cup is dirty and the chair has last weeks laundry on it!) Yup. Total killjoy.

Fast forward 10 years. Add in a husband and a couple of kids. Voila! Complete change in thinking.

Now I receive immense satisfaction when my bed is made, the laundry basket is empty and the kitchen counters are clear.


Getting to that point was not so Voila! for me. I had no instinct to clean (this is where you hear my mother’s disappointed sigh). I had to develop that. It felt painstakingly slow.

Initially I did not want to be tied down to a routine. I knew me, It would be broken immediately and then guilt would set in and that would be the start of a downward spiral. Back into the filth I was striving to get out of.
I choose to play it by ear. Just clean what was obviously dirty. You know, see a need and meet it kind of mentality. Looks great on paper, not so much in action.

The plan worked tolerably well at the time. I was beginning to feel good about myself and my house looked better than it ever had before. I felt like I could do this whole housewife thing and be successful.

Then I stumbled upon a couple of blogs and various other readings about cleaning or maintaining your home and saw things like: dust baseboards and ceiling fans; vacuum under couch cushions; wipe interior of fridge; dust blinds; wash windows.

What?! Wait a minute!

These things are to be done regularly? Don’t those fall under, like, spring cleaning? I mean I knew my mom kept an impeccably clean house, so you would think I paid attention to what she did with her days. Sad to say I did not. I just took for granted all the cleanness.

Don’t get me wrong. I knew those things needed to be done but I just did not see them as a regular to do item. The whole see a need and meet it concept did not work here. I never saw the top of my fans, or paid attention to the dust accumulating on my baseboards.

Those kinds of thing were categorized as a whenever I remember to do them item. Which as it turns out, I never remembered.

When I took these new notions into my home I was a bit overwhelmed by it all. Now cleaning one room looked like a daunting task. How can I possibly clean every single item in my house and not feel dead on my feet at the end of each day? How can I do it all and not forget some incredibly important item? Like changing the AC filter, EVERY MONTH!? Who knew? Don’t answer that. 🙂

My way of thinking and cleaning began to change gears rapidly. I was now open to the concept of a routine or schedule.

Where do I start? What one will work?

After several trys. Some of which, succeeded for a time before fading. Some fell flat immediately. I was always on the hunt for a really good routine.

Then one day, a couple of months ago, it happened!

I stumbled across a chore planner that I absolutely love. It was in a e-book bundle I purchased. is the website and I totally recommend the cleaning routines in her e-book, especially if you want an easy paced cleaning habit, that leaves time to do more important things… Like tea parties in the castle with your daughters. 🙂

Everything is sectioned out each day so that you are not overburdened with too many tasks. Your house stays maintained and you have the satisfaction of knowing that yes my light fixtures are clean and the blinds have been dusted recently. 🙂

What have you found works in your house? Is it a go with the flow attitude, a strict regime or something more in-between? Comment below and let me know.

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