Kids Craft Corner – Summer Sun

Addy's Summer Sun Craft

Addy’s Summer Sun Craft

What do you think of the title above? I am thinking of making this a bi-weekly post that features a kid oriented craft of my own creation.
Todays craft was thought up for summer. I don’t know about anyone else but when I think of summer I immediately think of the sun. Maybe because, here in Florida, it become unbearably hot during the days.
The craft is a very simple concept.
I teach 3-5 year olds. Not all of them are good with cutting, pasting, gluing etc. So we do the bulk of the work and save a couple of parts for them to do. In this craft they glue the cotton on the cloud and they glue the triangle sun rays to the sun. The craft went over great with the kids. The boys especially loved the fact that it swung around. Ok enough talking…

Supplies Needed:
Blue/White/Gray construction paper cut into a cloud pattern (I drew the cloud and then cut)
Yellow/Orange/Red Construction paper cut into stripes (6 per sun)
Yellow/Orange/Red Construction paper cut into triangles (approx 6 per sun)
Popsicle stick or any stick to hold the sun and cloud from
Cotton balls (two per cloud)
I worked on the cloud first. Unwrap the cotton ball and tear into two sections, one short and one longer. Spread glue on the cloud and let the kid glue the cotton to the cloud. Do the same thing on the back. So that whichever way the cloud turns there will be cotton on it. Set aside.
Take 6 yellow stripes of paper and staple the ends together as shown in the picture above. Do the same thing with the other end. This will make it into a ball.
Cut two short pieces of yarn. staple one end of the yarn to one end of the sun.
Tie the other end to the popsicle.
Now use the same process to staple the yarn to the cloud and other end of the sun.
Take the triangles and fold the bottom portion as shown in the above picture. Glue the triangles all the way around the sun, using the folded part to glue down with. If you have the time you could put triangles on every stripe of the sun. I had multiple children and that would have been too time consuming.
Afterwards we spoke about different things we do in the summer.
Like I said before the craft is simple,  but just right for the attention spans of 3-5 years olds. Comment below and let me know what you think.

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