To Be or Not To Be: TV

I am just going to come right out and say it. I do not own a TV. I have never owned a TV, my entire adult life. And, yes, I am happy with that. During my youth and teenage years I came to realize I had a problem. If a TV was on, no matter what the show or commercial is, I was watching it. It consumed all my time. I could not even pay attention enough to have a meaningful conversation with someone. Now I know that TV did not cause this. It is not the TV’s fault I had a lack of discipline problem.

Because that is what it was. A lack of discipline.

At the nice, young age of seventeen I became a Christian. Unfortunately not early enough to spare me a lot of dumb decisions, but early enough not to have my own place and money yet.

My church took a more radical stance on TV’s than most churches do. They encouraged, I am going to say it again, ENCOURAGED, people not to have them.

Here is some of the reasoning…

Your home is a type of sanctuary, a refuge, a place you want to walk in and find solace, comfort and peace. One area you have some control over is what you put in your home. You can’t control every aspect of your home so it is good to get a handle on what you do have control over. For instance you can’t control the attitude your spouse projects in the home, you can only control yours.

I am a huge advocate quiet and stillness and yes peace. Not always feasible but something I strive for. When you have a TV in your home broadcasting thousands of channels and information, you do not have good control over what is coming in your home. And let’s face, the news, isn’t even a safe channel to watch anymore.

For example I use to listen to talk radio, you know that ones that go on and on about our country and how it is all falling apart because of a certain political party or parties. It took me while to realize it but the station was influencing my mood tremendously. I was irritable, touchy and overly emotional. Things got under my skin quickly. One day in traffic, listening to talk radio, I slammed my hands into the steering wheel because I was riled up over something spoken on the show and it was then I realized the kind of influence the radio had in my life. That is just a small example of how we can let things as seemingly innocent as a radio influence us without our knowledge.

When I heard this concept, about no TV, it resonated with me. I loved it. Not everyone does and that is their personal decision. But it spoke volumes to me and made complete sense. I am already fighting enough battles in my home, why add this to the mix. Over the years people have come over my house and the most frequent comment people will make to me about my home is it feels peaceful, calm and good in there.

As a mother of two children and a guitar playing husband, I feel encouraged, when I hear that. That means my husband and I are doing our job to make our home feel good for us and anyone who comes in. We may not be the go to spot to have a party but we are a great place to go just to hear yourself once again and with a generation so plugged into social media, video games, music and the such, well I would say we need more places like ours. People need a place to come back to themselves and God without being distracted by all the noise.

What are your thoughts? How does the atmosphere feel in your home? Would you change it if you could? Comment below and let me know.

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