Mommy Guilt: Twice in 24 hours!

This post sort of dove tails into what I wrote about yesterday. I wrote about it being ok to fail, but it sure does not feel ok. How many of you have heard the term mommy guilt? I was just reading about mommy guilt in one of my e-books I recently purchased in a bundle set. I am glancing through the pages and nothing is really resonating with me. I told myself it is because I don’t struggle with mommy guilt. Sure I have done things that I am not proud of in regards to my kids, but I manage to get the better of it and move on.

Baby Lizzy

Baby Lizzy

Barely 48 hours go by after reading that e-book and I am hit with two mommy guilt moments. Perhaps I was getting a wee bit prideful and needed to be dialed back in.

It was my oldest daughter’s third birthday and we had a quiet celebration at the house with my mom and sister. We will be throwing a party with some of her friends later on this month. My oldest is at a really adorable age. Everything is awe and wonder. She loves to ham it up and be the center of attention. So naturally we gave her that attention on her big day. The problem…

I neglected my youngest in the process.

After everyone leaves and I am cleaning up, I realize I hadn’t changed my youngest girl’s diaper recently. I bet you know what is coming next. Yep…

An awful diaper rash. She had pooped a little bit and sat too long in the diaper. Talk about feeling bad and experiencing mommy guilt. I mean come on people, mommy 101 is to change your kids diaper and never ever let them sit too long in poop.

There I was staring at a red and irritated bum and listening to my daughters pained cries. I sure wasn’t going to put an other diaper on her like that. So I went into mommy nurse mode and drew up a warm bath, added a scope of baking soda and let her sit in the tub and sooth her little tush (which is the cutest ever). By the time we were done and she had aired out a little bit the diaper went on without any protests of pain and she knocked right out for the night.

Now I would say that is enough for a mom to have to deal with. But things of this nature sometimes come in pairs and mine did.

Loving herself

Loving herself

Not even 24 hours later my oldest is crying while sitting on the toilet.

No. No. No. Not constipation. She is already dramatic as it is. This could get ugly fast.

And it did.

You see because it was her birthday, I was not overly concerned about what she ate that day. I let her have more junk and did not push as hard for the good stuff. I did not monitor the amount of dairy she took in and just let everything slide. Bad idea.


I had already cried once because of my little baby. Now my big baby is hurting and I could have prevented it if I was doing my job as a mom. Unlike my littlest case that was taken care of relatively fast. This one was an ungoing event for most of the day and then I had to carefully watch her food intake for days afterward. It was late in the day before she managed to get the offending poop out. And let me tell you it was a loud, emotionally distraught time until she did get it out.

While I definitely don’t want to experience anymore guilt as we call it. It did help me get a better perspective on other moms. We as moms, tend to judge other moms rather harshly, even if you keep it to yourself and say nothing. I know I would not like to have been judged as a mom, based on those two events, but more than likely I have been. I realized as a mom, I need to give other moms some grace, more grace, because we know the battles faced as a mom. We cannot be everything, do everything and say everything right all the time. A soft word, or nod of understanding. Perhaps a little encouragement or sharing a mom guilt of your own could sooth the struggling parent.

I don’t know about anyone else but I plan to strive to show that grace whatever way I can, because my next mommy guilt maybe in a very public setting, and I want grace from others instead of judgement.

What are your thoughts? Any mommy guilt moments that you wished someone showed a little grace to you? Let me know by commenting below.

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