Creativity Isn’t Just About Crafts

When you hear the word creative what pops into your head? An art project? Paints? Scrap-booking perhaps? or Maybe a sewing project? A group of ladies making a quilt?

I know those are all things I think of. It took me a while to realize that being creative does not have such a defined setting. It is not just art projects that make a person creative. We tend to think a creative person produces Pinterest worthy things. A creative person can be called a resourceful person too. What comes to mind when you hear the word resourceful. Someone who can make things stretch. Able to work with what they have. Isn’t that being creative? Do you consider yourself uncreative?

I would like to challenge that thinking.

Back when I was single, I owned a Honda Civic. It could take a beating and still keep going. I had named her Scar Face because she did not look so pretty but she ran great. I learned to change a tire, replace the brakes, rotor and CV axles on her. I knew how to change the oil myself and how to replace the radiator and hoses. There was not much I could not do on this car.

She was my baby.

Well one day I got in my car and noticed little pieces of blue plastic on the floor of the driver’s side. I wondered what they were. Pretty soon I realized my brake lights would not turn off. They stayed on while I drove. It took me a little bit to correlate the broken blue plastic to my brake lights but that was the problem. I reassembled the pieces to see what the part looked like. And then my brain started cranking. What can I use to make something similar to the part I need until I can go purchase one? In the middle of the night while I was sleeping, I figured it out. (Yes I sometimes figure things out in my sleep). 🙂

The end off a mechanical pencil eraser and a thumb tack with a dab of superglue to hold it in place.

I got up the next day and found the necessary items in my house. I pushed the thumb tack onto the eraser, added a dab of superglue and popped the piece into place.

It worked.

That was definitely not Pinterest worthy but it was very creative. And worked great. No-one was the wiser that I jerry-rigged my car temporarily until I could buy a new piece.

You can learn to be creative. It is not something that some people have and others don’t. Learning to think creatively can help in times where the money is not just flowing in. Some of the most creative people I know, can’t paint a picture or sew a dress, but they know how to make a great meal from leftover items in their dwindling pantry. They know how to rework their clothes to make a new look without having to purchase a single new item. They are creative in thinking of ways for a child to occupy themselves, without any new toys or gadgets.

A needle and a paintbrush may be foreign tools for you but I bet you there are areas in your life where you have displayed creativity and didn’t even know it. Just think of how much more you can do if you put yourself too it. Challenge yourself to think beyond your normal boundaries. Getting the gears to work in your brain may take a minute but once they are going, I think you would be surprised what you can do with what you already have at home.

We are in a financial dry spell right now and you all know cooking isn’t my sweet spot. More like a sore spot that is slowly healing. But I applied my creative skills to work with what was in my pantry. I managed to make something good to eat everyday without purchasing new items. It gave me a confidence boost. I saw that I am improving in my skills as a cook. I don’t have to have a recipe in hand all that time to make a good meal. Because of this boost, I walked into my kitchen yesterday and just made up dinner. It turned out great. I even threw in a spice I never used before. Woo-hoo!

What areas in your home can you apply some creativity today? I think if you took the time to think outside the box you would be surprised how resourceful you can be and who knows maybe you will get a confidence boost too.

Comment below and let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you.

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