Silence: Why I Love It

In my youth I would play music, loud, very loud, while I did my homework or clean my room/house. At one point I listened to the radio just to fall asleep. As I got older the radio transitioned to a box fan put on high. I just had to have that on, to go to sleep every night. After a while I noticed my head colds were contributed to the fan being on all night long. Eventually I stopped using it. But it took some time to do. It had become a crutch for me. All that immediate noise drowned out the small noises we here everyday. I would plug myself into a set of headphones, at work, and listen to that, sometimes, all day. When my first marriage was falling apart, music was a big solace for me. Surrounding myself with people helped keep my mind off the disaster looming overhead. I loved socializing and good music.

If we look around, at society as a whole, we see this trend. We have to be plugged in pumping something into us, all day long. Between are huge playlists to our TV something is going on all the time. We are so busy viewing a viral YouTube video and listening to the news in the car. We involve ourselves in other people’s dramas on social networks and game for hours on end. There is never a moment when we can just let ourselves think. And if that moment should come naturally on its own, we rush to fill the void. Quick let me read this E-book, or watch a video tutorial.

While this has been most of the modern worlds direction, I have been striving to go a different direction.


No I am not becoming a monk, refusing to speak for a year. Nothing so unnatural as that.

I just mean, I choose not to rush to fill the void. I have learned to embrace and enjoy the quiet moments in life. I don’t try to drown out my own voice by filling my head with millions of other people’s voices. I let my mind have space to think and reason, to let it come to its own conclusions and opinions, not insert someone else’s views in my brain, carelessly. It is healthy you know. If you are not comfortable in your own skin, hearing your own thoughts, then I dare to say you have a problem. You probably have been plugged in way too long that you can’t function on your own.

My noodle head

My noodle head

Silence can be refreshing. It let’s you process the day worth of accumulated stuff. It gives you time to reflect on what your own view points are, where you stand, what you really believe without someone else shoving their ideas at you.

Silence can boost creativity. You would be surprised how much you mind can create on it own without needing someone else to give you all the ideas.

It is a great way of unburdening all the emotions picked up throughout the day. Helps you realize perhaps that a particular situation really isn’t as bad as you and others made it out to be. You realize that you may have gotten carried away. You find the true motives in your heart and not just excuses and reasonings that you’ve grabbed at to justify a view-point.

Enjoying the outdoors

Enjoying the outdoors

As a stay-at-home mom, I think this is very important, we crave social interaction so bad and sometimes miss the small quiet moments when you can unwind. When’s the last time you took a hot bath and just soaked away the days tension? I can tell you it has been weeks now since I last did that. I think I am overdue for one.

Right now as I type, I sit on my back patio. I can hear the a woodpecker looking for some food in a tree and various other birds chirping. I am near a busy road so I hear the quiet rush of traffic and the occasional military plane pass overhead. While it is not silent as in void of noise. It is silent as in nobody is striving to push their agenda on me. I can think and act with my own free-will and make a clear choice without being pushed.

This takes discipline though. Our natural instinct is to grab our tablet and cellphone when we have a downtime. Instead, how about just leaning your head back, closing your eyes and listen to what is going on inside. You probably have a lot of tidying up to do in that head of yours. You let things go unchecked for too long. Work through your thoughts and emotions. Process them and put them away. It makes for better sleep and a calmer more even-keeled person. Not so prone to outbursts and reactions. It developes a stability that enables you to act clearly when situations arise.

What do you consider your favorite pastime to be? What do you do to unwind?

Comment below and let me know.

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