Teaching Children to Pray

I thought I would do more than just write a little devotion but make it personal and inspiring. As moms we tend to put ourselves last and that can be mean our spiritual life as well. We are too busy trying to take care of our kids, we forget to pray and read our bible too. So with that said, I have an idea…

Why not teach your children to pray and read God’s word and while doing that it reminds us to do the same. You know, lead by example. I make an effort each day to go over the Sunday school work my daughter brings home. We talk about each day and then I ask questions to see if she remembers anything. Then I try to fit in bible reading at some point in the day. I must admit I fell off the wagon for a few days now. I made the excuse that doing the Sunday school work was close enough. Well I am getting right back on and starting again. How about prayer?

Where do you start, when it comes to teaching a child to pray?

The simplest way is to begin by praying for your food. Try to be as consistent as possible in this. If you forget to do before you start eating, that is ok, say the prayer anyway. Your children won’t mind and as time goes on they will remember on their own.

The next place we took prayer time was when my child was hurt. I took the time to pray for it, no matter how small it seemed, to me. Now just putting a band-aid or medicine on it is not enough for her, she has to have me pray for it. Eventually she began taking the initiative to pray for my owies. It has gotten to the point where she prays for her stuffed animal’s owies and has even prayed for her friends owies. All very cute to watch.

Now if you are good about having a bed time routine then start putting a small bed time prayer in there. You will probably have to do the praying at first, so keep it simple. Such as praying for the family, to have good rest at night, and a good day the next morning. Each time ask them to participate or think of things to pray for. You can suggest ideas a little bit but really try to let them think of things. Sometimes the things will be silly like praying for their toys or for candy to eat. I wouldn’t make a bid deal about it. But gently direct them to non-selfish prayers. Such as friends, school-mates, family members.

Remember they don’t entirely understand the purpose of prayer. Make sure you explain often what prayer is and why we do it. Young children learn through repetition so it helps to keep telling them the same things. My daughter is still very timid about praying for things by herself. But it is getting better everyday.

What do you to encourage your children to pray? Do you have an tips or advice? Share them by commenting below.

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