Cleaning in Clutter

Do you have a lot of stuff? I did. Tons of it. A big chunk of it was books. You see, I love to read, not just once and then I am done. No, I will read the same book sometimes 50 times (Anything Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte). So instead of using the library to borrow a book and read it, I had to own it. My house was turning into a library. That was not the only thing cluttering my house.

I just had too much of everything… Furniture, picture frames, dishes, clothes…

Too much…

All that stuff made cleaning a daunting task. In order to dust a surface, I would have to move a dozen or more items first just to get to it. To sweep (I had wood floors, then) my floors, I would have to move a dozen pieces of furniture. Let’s not talk about laundry. Mountains…

This kind of work, sucked the energy and motivation right out of me. I did not want a dirty house but I did not want to work so hard to do simple tasks.

Then I read about minimalism, and while I definitely did not want to live with nothing. The concept resonated with me, I could downsize the amount I had. I realized I was being burdened by all my stuff. Most of which I did not need or even use.

So I began the process of cutting down the amount of stuff I had. I started with things I knew right off the bat, I did not need, want, use or value. Once I had done that I moved on to things that I liked but weren’t really necessary. I looked at each one and made myself decide. Should it stay or should it go?
This process went on for months. I took my time and did sections and areas of my house. And let me tell you, it felt liberating.

I enjoyed the floor and wall space. I loved seeing space in my drawers, and having clean and empty counter space. I walked into a room and could breath.

When it was time to clean, it did not take so much time and effort. I could run my rag over the counters quickly. I could pull out my vacuum and get the majority of my floor cleaned. It has been more than a year since I did my big purge. I continue to try to maintain my home and keep the excess clutter out. It is not always easy.

It is time for me to walk around my home and do a mini purge. Two kids and a lot of time can add more stuff, without even realizing it.

I am at an age where I enjoy the simple things. I want to enjoy my children, my family, my friends. I don’t want to be stuck cleaning every little souvenir I ever purchased. I would rather do things, instead of just buy things.

A clutter free house is easier to clean. It helps me stay motivated to keep it clean. It gives an open feel. Instead of a claustrophobic one.

What are your thoughts? Do you like a simple, minimal home? Or are you all about the stuff?
Comment below and let me know.

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