The Spirit of a Pioneer

Did you ever read Laura Ingles Wilder “Little House on the Prairie” series? I did and I don’t know about you, but it made me wish I was a pioneer. The simple life. Nothing cluttering them up. A family unit working together in harmony. Working through difficult times without falling apart. But how does one pioneer in today’s technical generation?

While I am not going to build a log cabin in the woods and go without electricity and plumbing, I do want to carry the same spirit of a pioneer. To have the ability to work with what I have. When things get tough financially, I can be resourceful and make do. To show creativity and inspiration in the mundane things around me.

Last year around this same time my husband quit his job without having an other one to go to. While I am not going to rehash all the details. Suffice it say, I did not do well. I was pregnant with a toddler. We ran out of food quickly and I was desperate. I walked into my kitchen each day and felt defeated. My fridge was not working well and what little food we had frequently went bad. I didn’t know how to use what I did have. I had cravings I could not satisfy. At one point the power was turned off in our home. Yep, I was not a happy camper. And not fun to be around.

Fast forward to this year about the beginning of August. My husband walks in the house, in the middle of the afternoon, and tells me they let him go. It has been about three weeks now and I can tell a big difference in my mental and emotional state of mind. I walk into my kitchen and can make things with what is available. I am motivated to be creative and use what we have. When we get a little bit of money I know exactly what to do with it to make ends meet. My whole attitude is different. I am still pleasant to be around.

While there are a number of factors that have effected this change. One of them is my desire to keep things simple. I don’t hold myself to a certain standard when it comes to what constitutes a meal. Simple meals, as long as we are eating somewhat good things and are not starving, I don’t care if we have a cheese stick and chunks of fruit. I also learned how to make bread dough (Big deal for me). It is super easy and when I just need to feel really full I can whip up some dinner rolls and eat to my heart’s content.

The spirit of a pioneer is able to make the best out of the worst or less than desirable situations in life. Look at what you do have and start there. Using her creativity and keeping a good attitude in the face of adversity. I did not do that the first time around. I was bitter and angry and hungry. That was my practice for the next time, and I can say I made some major adjustments in my outlook on life, how I treat my husband and how I look at our home.

What do you do when things get tough? Do you have the spirit of a pioneer?

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