Rainbow Cake – Birthday Edition

We just celebrated our oldest daughter’s 3rd birthday. Back in July I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She said Rainbow, Rainbow cake and Christmas (pronounced mismass) present. So I choose a My Little Pony theme. They have a rainbow pony that I could use to incorporate the rainbow that she wanted. It took sometime for me to figure out how I wanted to make the rainbow cake.

Frost it rainbow colors

Do a mix of colored cake mix and colored frosting in rainbow layers


Bake six round cakes each in a different color and layer it

I went with the last one. I really liked the idea of slicing the cake and the rainbow showing in the layers. Now I told you all, I was not a good cook. Baking is definitely more my thing. I am not a great baker. I am sometimes not even a good baker but I improve a little each day.

Prior to my daughter’s party I tried a homemade cake recipe I found online and while it tasted good it did not have the light and fluffy texture I wanted. It was more dense and thick. So instead of experimenting on her birthday I just used boxed cake mix. I did alter the directions a little bit though. I used softened butter instead of vegetable oil. There is something just really unappealing about vegetable oil.
When the slices of cake went around everyone just loved it. The were pretty impressed with the rainbow effect. The cake was by no means perfect. It had the, made from home, look but that did not matter to anyone. They all loved it and it tasted much better than a bought from a store professional looking cake. Plus my daughter was absolutely enchanted by the whole thing. She just loved watching me mix and color, bake and frost, decorated and place candles on the cake for her. It made me feel great. In the end I had successfully made the rainbow cake she wanted.

Perfect? No, but it was delicious!

Perfect? No, but it was delicious!

Rainbow Cake

You will Need:
3 Boxes of White Cake Mix
9 Eggs, using only the egg whites
Softened Butter 3/4 to 1 cup
Water (3 cups)
Food Coloring (I used the standard 4 colors)
3 Tubs of White Frosting
Topping Decor of your choice
Round Cake pans in the same diameter (I used 8″ pans)
Mixer (I used a stand up one)
Spatulas and Fork


Follow directions in making cake batter substituting oil for butter in equal parts. I had four cake pans so I could mix two boxes a once. I did one box first to make sure this would work and then did the other two boxes next.

Divide the batter evenly into greased round cake pans.
For the Red (more like pink) color I put 15 drops of red food coloring into the pan.
Orange – 50 drops of yellow and about 8 red
Yellow – approximately 25 drops of yellow
Green- 12 drops of green food coloring
Blue- 20 drops of blue
Purple- 30 red drops and 16 blue drops

Mix each one thoroughly with a fork.

Place in the oven and bake according to the directions, checking on them towards the end of the cook time. Insert a toothpick to see if it is done. If the toothpick comes out clean then go ahead and take them out to cool.

When the pans are cool enough to touch take the bottom most layer (purple) and flip it out and place on the platter you will be using for the finished cake.

Cakes never come out flat on top so I choose to shave the tops of each surface down flat to make the cake stand nicer. I used a serrated bread knife and fishing line to trim the top of the cakes.

When the purple layer looks flat, spread a layer of frosting over the top. Crumbs will pull up. You can try to warm up the frosting a little to make it flow more smoothly and thereby not pull up the cake as much. I did not bother doing that since an other cake was going on top and no one be able to tell there were crumbs in the middle layers.

Once frosted add the next corresponding layer (blue) and do the same thing. Shave it down flat and frost.
Continue this process with all the layers. You can choose to leave the top layer unshaved or not. That is your call.

Once you have frosted the top layer, you can begin frosting the sides as well.

Then decorate as you wish. I stored my cake in a cake dome until it was time for the party. You can keep in the fridge as well.

Slice and enjoy. People will be impressed with your cake.

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