Birthday Decorations For $30

I just recently threw my daughter’s third birthday. It was great. She wanted rainbows and cake and Christmas presents 🙂 So I did a My Little Pony (MLP) theme. I don’t know about y’all, but I love planning a party. Especially the decor. I try to start early so I don’t wind up with no money a week before the party and nothing has been done. So I started getting things ahead of time. A few here and there as I came across them.

The selection at the stores was ok… but I like homemade. It has a personal touch to it and I can tailor it to fit my house. My sister had a friend’s Cricut. That friend gave her permission to make things for my daughter’s party. Oh yeah!!!

Don’t have a Cricut? Find a friend with one. Don’t know any friends with a Cricut? Make friends with someone who does. Seriously, it is awesome!

Applejacks Fireplace

I went to JoAnn’s and purchased four cardstock packs for $10. I picked ones the contained as many MLP colors as possible. Then my sister and I picked a night and went to town making the cutest decor. We were able to make a silhouette cut out of each pony and some symbols that corresponded with them. Ex. Applejacks and Red and Green Apples; Twilight Sparkle and Various purple stars and Crowns. We made my daughter’s name in rainbow, and a big 3 in addition to all the MLP stuff.

Rainbow Doorway

I combined those with approximately $10 in store-bought decor, ie. Happy Birthday banner, MLP hanging swirls (pk of 12) and rainbow-colored crepe paper.

The finishing touch was $10 in helium balloons. $10 does not get you a lot of balloons but it gave me one set of rainbow ones and one pink balloon with the number 3 on it, which was perfect for us.

On the day of the party, my daughter was asleep when we put up the decorations. So when she awoke it was magical. She just loved it. She pointed out each of the ponies and named them all. It was adorable.

On the whole I think I spent less the $200 for everything.

Twilight Sparkle Window

$10 paper products
$30 cake
$75 food
$40 games
$15 favors
$30 Decorations

Happy Birthday Wall

The food and pinata where my most expensive things. I did not want people to bring food and a gift. The party was simple but nice. Not too much and not too little just perfect for a three-year old. My youngest daughter will be turning one in January : ( I will be getting ready to plan that soon. That will be a very small party, just family and maybe one friend. But I will still decorate for it. : )

Rainbow Stairway Window

Do you like to decorate for parties? What special thing do you do for your kid’s birthday? Comment below and let me know.

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