Rainbow jello cups – Birthday Edition

Originally I had no plans of making a rainbow jello cup. I purchased a box of gelatin in every color of the rainbow and planned on making each one and then displaying them in a rainbow pattern on a glass dish. The concept of a rainbow cup came later.

The is a very easy recipe, it just takes some time to do. Each layer has to cool and set before adding the next layer on top. I did them two days in advance. Thursday – Jello cups; Friday – Birthday Cake; Saturday –   Party.

Shockingly enough, some of the kids had never even had jello. So it was interesting to see them eat it for the first time.

This recipe uses rainbow colors but really you could use any colors you want and layer them.

Rainbow Jello Cups

4 – Cup measuring cup
Clear cups (I used 12 10 oz cups)
6 packages of jello in your choice of colors/flavors
Cookie Sheet


Line cookie sheet with 12 clean cups. You can mark the cups where each layer ends or eyeball it the best you can. I tried both methods.

Follow instructions on box for making jello starting with the bottom layer (purple in my case).
My box had me add 1 cup of boiling water to the gelatin mixture. Then stir, using the fork, till completely dissolved. Add 1 cup of cold water. I did all of this in the measuring cup.
Take mixture and gently pour a thin layer in each cup. Make each layer as even as possible. Use up the entire mixture. Then carefully place the cookie sheet in the fridge.

I was busy all day doing various things so I never had a set time for the jello to firm up. I would just pop open the fridge and check on the jello every-so-often. When the jello is firm enough and no longer watery then you can begin the next layer.

Rainbow Jello Layers

Follow the instructions above and mix up an other layer of jello. Just be very careful when pouring the mixture over the previous layer. If your jello is not completely firm they may blend together a little bit. Once again, place the entire thing back in the fridge to firm up.

Do this whole process over and over until all the layers are done. Making sure to let each layer firm up before adding the next.

Do not pre-mix your jello ahead of time. They will set before you can pour them into the cups. Each package of jello needs to be mixed right before you pour it on your layers.

When done, I covered each cup with a piece of plastic wrap and kept stored in the fridge till it was time for the party.

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