Do We Inspire Each Other to be Better Housekeepers?

As a housewife we can hold certain standards on the type of house we keep. From how we handle our children to how our house presents itself to guests. Each housewife is different in what they perceive as a well-kept house. And just like anywhere else, opinions vary on what is essential in the home. These kind of differences are good but they can be bad as well.

Because every woman takes care of her house in a different way, we can learn from each other. We can appreciate each other’s skill and creativity in handling our home. We can inspire other women to step up to the plate and make a difference in their homes.

Does this happen though? Do we inspire each other to be better homemakers?

Not as much as we should. Instead there is an element of hostility and offense toward change in housekeeping. We tend to feel ashamed about our inabilities in the home and view any suggestions or tips as a personal affront against us.

This topic was inspired by a personal experience of my own. And while it is easy for someone to read this, it is not easy for me to bare myself and write these things. I do it in the hope that someone will relate and be able use it for good in their life.

I was standing with a group of ladies at church speaking about various topics. Something about husbands, maybe it was doing laundry, perhaps both. Anyway, one lady chirps up and says she irons all her husbands dress shirts immediately after they are washed and dried. That way he can pick whatever one he wants and it will be ready for him. Insert dramatic pause as this women walks away. Zoom in on my face staring at her, mouth slightly open…

Was I happy for what she did for her husband?

Nope. I was not.

Immediately I took offense. I remember thinking “Well of course Ms. Perfect Housewife, keeps all her husbands shirts ironed.” I remember thinking all kinds of not nice things. Things that should not be typed on this computer for the world to see. Suffice it to say that the inner working of the mind should never be completely opened up for all to see. I scoffed at the idea of doing such a thing for my husband. I had internal arguments with myself as to why I don’t iron his shirts as I wash them, such as; We iron the shirts on a need to use basis; Who has the time for such things? Won’t they wrinkle back up as they sit in the closet? I also justified myself by saying this woman must neglect something by being so accomplished in her home, like her kids or something.

Time went by and I moved on in my life, or so I though. But the memory would creep back in every so often and I would be forced to promptly kick it back out and re-justify myself.

About a month ago my husband was transitioning from a night-time job to a regular daytime job. It was rough for him and he struggled to wake up and get himself ready for the day. When I saw this was happening, I asked myself, what could I do to help my husband? I could help simplify his morning routine. But how?

So I thought of what he did in the morning and one thing stuck out, he ironed a shirt almost every morning.

Yep, you know where this is going. God has a funny way of bringing these things back around again for us to face. This time I took it. I made a decision to iron all of his shirts ahead of time. That way in the morning he just had to open the closet, pull out the shirt he wanted and put it on.

I have been doing this ever since, I even added his slacks into the mix. Now why on earth couldn’t I take that advice the first time?

The answer lies in my perspective towards that women. It was slanted and even though what she said was meant as a tip or encouragement or, goodness, just what she did in her home. I had to take it as an assault on me personally. It amazes me how our mind can take the most harmless things and twist them into personal offenses. Most of the time the person offending is completely unaware what is going on. I am happy to say that I don’t look at that person in a negative way anymore. Unfortunately it took awhile to get there. It makes me wonder how often all of us, as women, take offense over a harmless comment.

Starting today why don’t we make an effort to view the women in our lives as an opportunity to learn from instead of an enemy we are hostile towards. If what they say will make you a better woman and housekeeper, then why the offense?

Each day I make an effort to keep my heart open towards women in my life. I want to be the best I can be. How about you? What do you do when someone speaks into your life? Where are you at in your housekeeping journey? Comment below and let me know.

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