Cloth Diapers: Going Against the Norm

It wasn’t so long ago when cloth diapers were all that anyone knew. Now when you see a parent cloth diapering their child it is a sort of novelty. People wonder why would anyone even bother doing it. For me it was simple. I wanted to save money. The was the biggest reason. Sure I liked that I was helping the environment by doing this. And I liked that my children were sitting in natural and chemically safe products. But the swing vote came from the money. I saw how much money could be saved using cloth. Especially when you have more than one child and use the cloth on them both. Now you are entering into huge savings. YES!

Wanting to do something and actually doing it, well that is entirely different. Have you ever wanted to do something but were reluctant because it would mean sticking out from the rest? You know other people are doing it, but not in your circle of friends and relations. Same here. While some people close to me would beg to differ. I don’t always like being different or the odd ball in the mix. I have to face the inner fears and choose not to let them stop me from what I would like to do.

Back a little over 3 years ago I was pregnant with my first child. I knew I wanted to do cloth diapers but I didn’t know if it would be more of a hassle for me and those around me. You see, while I may stay home with my kids during the day, at night is a different story. I work at my church doing special effects makeup, dancing and painting for plays and concerts we put on throughout the year. I need people to watch my children occasionally when both my husband and I are engaged in church work. Mostly that is my family ie… mom and sister. Would the cloth diapers thing be too much for them? Also I had to take into consideration nursery during church services. Would they even be willing to change a cloth diaper? How would that work? I never knew anyone that did cloth and had no clue how difficult it might or might not be. I take that back. My step-mom did cloth for a little bit but I was not paying any attention to how it all worked. So I don’t count it.

After a lot of deliberation and extensive reading about cloth diapering, I decided to take the plunge. I purchased a set of diapers and waiting for them to arrive. And let me tell you, I was both super excited and super nervous. I didn’t even know if I would like using them and now I just spent all that money. I planned on having disposable for people to use if they balked at having to change cloth diapers. I also considered just going back and changing her myself during services if the workers felt funny about it.

My first set of cloth diapers

My first set of cloth diapers

When my babe finally came, she did not fit the cloth yet, and people had given me several packages of disposable, so it was a little bit before I even got to try them out.

When I did start using them, I was very happy with them overall. Sure it was a bit more hassle doing an extra load of laundry, but nothing that bothered me. She looked super cute in them, if you ask me.

What pleased me the most though, was the response of most people. Almost all the nursery staff took to it fine. Sure we had some minor hiccups, like not snapping the diaper snug enough so the pee just came right out the sides or putting the diaper on backwards. LOL Some people would call me if she pooped because they didn’t know what do with it. There was a little bit of misinformation about the process, but as we went along, things smoothed out. My family, on the other hand, would change her when they watched her but never did it if I was around. šŸ™‚ And when I went out-of-town a couple of times and they watched her, I just bought some disposable so they did not have to worry about laundry and all that jazz.

My oldest when she was still in cloth.

My oldest when she was still in cloth.

Really I spent more time worrying about something that just worked itself out as I went along. And you know what? That is kind of how most things we worry about are. They usually work themselves out as time goes by.

So while, yes, I was going against the general tide of things, not only were people not resisting me, but they were kind enough to work with me as I try to do what I felt is best for our family.

Now, I am on baby number two and we still use the cloth diapers. I look back and laugh at my fears and insecurities. There is so much more to do in life then sitting around worrying about such things. What about you? Have you been in a place where you were going against the norm? How did it work out? What advise would you give someone?

If you are like me and want to do cloth but don’t where to start. Feel free to contact and I would be glad to help you along the way.

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