The Gift of Time Together

In my pursuit of simple living I have downsized our home significantly. I constantly try to keep up with the flow of things coming into the home. I analyze if something is worth keeping or not then I either put it away or donate it. But there is more to simple living then less stuff. Simple living goes into every aspect of life. A couple of months ago I was sitting back trying to plan an other birthday party and while I love throwing a party I realized there does not need to be a big party for every birthday. I love giving gifts and of course receiving them but lately I have been turning more towards the gift of activities or experience rather than just objects. So instead of throwing a big party I decided to give a small gift of time together with that person.

I love Groupon when it comes to trying something new out. You can find a good deal on all types of things/activities that you may never have done.

For instance, my husband just celebrated his birthday back in July. Instead of buying him a gift, I took him paddle boarding down St. Mary’s River in Georgia. We drove up there early in the morning, spent several hours together quietly enjoying the river and each others company. Then we walked to a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant and enjoyed a nice lunch. Afterwards we wandered into a store where I picked up some candy for my eldest, to take home to her.

The day was wonderful.

We spent quality time together, which I am sure every wife wants more of,

We did something we had never done before. Hello bucket list.

We got a lot of exercise


We made a lasting memory. : )

Of course not every occasion will be an activity but it is something I endeavor to do more of. It gets this home-bound wife out, which she needs every so often. The activities don’t have to be sports related either, you could give someone a painting lesson or sign up for some piano classes. Whatever you think the person and yourself would enjoy doing together.

When my dad came down after my second was born we went zip lining. It was a mix of zip lines and obstacle courses all while suspended high in the air. We were a large group of friends and relations, with all the different personalities and what not, we all had a blast and got to know one an other a little better.

I don’t want to get so carried away with having things that I become selfish and forget the people in my life. Some of my best memories involved being with people and sharing experiences. When I look back in life I know I won’t think about the new clothes and gadgets I received but I will remember the laughter, anger and tears I shared with people. If I can keep this one area straight in my life then perhaps I can pass it on to my girls.

I challenge you to look over your special occasions. Has it turned into an ‘I’ occasion? Or do you still relish the time you have with friends and family? Maybe it is time to start some new traditions especially as the holidays approach.

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